16 October 2007

Nanowrimo Prompt

from lizshine.blogspot.com:

Prompt for the week of Oct 15-21

Research week! If you're doing nano, make a list of topics that you could know more about regarding your novel idea. Place the story is set? Main characters profession or hobby? Research all the things on that list. Post here what you researched and how many pages of notes you took.


1. List of Topics I Could Know More About
Regarding my Novel Idea:

Artificial Intelligence
Milton's "Paradise Lost"
Goethe's "The Sorrows of Young Werther"
Stem Cell Research

2. Place the Story is Set?

Either the Pacific Northwest
A Remote Area of Alaska.
Probably both.

3. Main Character's Profession or Hobby

Dishwasher (profession)
Cooking (hobby)