21 April 2007

Response to April 17 Prompt

it happened one night

sleepless in seattle,
i enter an all-night theatre
filled with the usual suspects,
a streetcar named desire
lounges across two seats in the front row,
feeling up the bride of frankenstein,
hey, some like it hot.
the elephant man
's in a trenchcoat in the wings,
swallowing milk duds and touching himself,
features twisted in the heat and glory.
outside the apartment,
i'm one of these reservoir dogs,
alien to happiness,
the best years of our lives
spent in movie theatres,
for kicks,
to sweeten the grapes of wrath,
to calm the vertigo of these modern times,
'cause in the silver screen
it's a wonderful life,


Carrie said...

I love all the references. What a fun pop culture moment. I appreciated the images that came to mind with those quick phrases.

Sorry I've been gone and busy. Back now for a brief moment. I haven't posted writing- just a list of what I hate about myself and the need to be proactive. And so far so good.

Good for you and all this writing. Very happy for you.

Anonymous said...

Clever and fun. An allusive delight. ;)

Carrie said...

time to write for this week 5-2-07! :) I posted...be proud!