25 July 2008

Poetic Asides Prompt - "How To"


Eight hours, give or take,
sweaty hair undulating
like a kelp forest
on the bleached white pillowcase.

From across the curtained room
vibrating waves of Dylan
compete with the rogue buzz
of florescent bulbs.

My husband and somebody wearing
a top smothered in rainbows
pull my legs, white as ghost crabs,
farther apart
while voices
at the foot of the bed
discuss fetal heartbeat
and fourth of July plans.

I clench my teeth,
tight as a cockle shell,
bear down,
watch the clock,
and remind myself to breathe
through the burn.

I vow never to do this again
and push, push, push,
wondering if I could,
supposing I wanted to,
do it just one more time.

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