23 April 2009

p.a.d. -- wednesday, 22 april 2009


The goddess
makes it look easy.
She stands naked
on the night table,
hands resting proudly
over her large sagging breasts,
she is not embarrassed
by her swollen stone belly,
I've never caught her
checking her backside
in a mirror,
she doesn't pose
a certain way
to make herself look
slimmer, younger, curvier.
What is it about
getting naked?
Why do we find it
so difficult?
What if the next time
I have company
in my bedroom,
I take it all off
and just stand there--
love handles,
stretch marks--
eyes wide open,
What if I like it
so much
I begin walking
with a sway,
like I carry
the dawn
beneath my dress?

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