10 September 2009

read write prompt #91...Draft One

read write prompt #91: the self as memory, or vice versa, by celebrity guest poet joseph o. legaspi


the first half:


by Christina Hile

They paint red Xs on the doors of the dead
and here I am falling in love.
They come, still they come,
but his beard smells like thyme
and his fingers lace my hair,
trace forgetfulness.

Their desire hisses down the hallway,
blood-red poppies sprouting from their fingers,
and they slither in their white gowns
like they know what I want,
what I'm willing,
one hungry for my body
and the other for my soul,
but I'm falling in love
and it's sweet as wild strawberries,
and the frost that settled
on coverlet and bedside tray
is melting, melting away.

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